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Concrete Birmingham & Wolverhampton

We offer a professional and reliable concrete pump and ready mix concrete solution to our domestic and commercial clients across the West Midlands including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Worcester, Hereford and Malvern. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of customer service that we can provide – regardless of how big or small the project is.

We have an extensive range of clients from established and traditional home building sites, where we efficiently and effectively pump concrete into ground floor slabs or onto foundations. As well as undertaking new build work, we also regularly pump quantities of concrete for domestic extensions and driveways.

Concrete Pump

Our fully trained technicians are CSCS accredited, which means that we offer the utmost competence in the field and have that all important health and safety awareness. Our efficiency enables us to offer a time and money saving concrete pumping solution.

Our system is quick and simple – you no longer need to worry about long man-hours spent humping wheelbarrows around when you contract the team at HCP.

We can pump up to 300m horizontally, 100m vertically and even around corners. More importantly, we can place up to six cubic metres in a matter of minutes, to minimise disruption and get the done job quickly. And thanks to our economical hourly rates, we can do so at prices that are lower than the competition.

Free flowing floor screeds & concrete

Free flowing floor screeds are used readily to ensure a smooth, flat surface area for applications including thin floor coverings, tiles and numerous other finishes. They are widely utilised in domestic and commercial properties, including retail centres, offices and public buildings.

Due to their free flow nature, these screeds are perfect for underfloor heating systems. This is because they ensure a void free surface and are self-compacting, meaning comprehensive floor coverage is achieved.

Where traditional concrete can lose strength when water is added for enhanced workability, free flowing concrete is a highly durable yet workable material that is self-compacting and remains free of segregation. The resulting reduction in placing time, and therefore labour costs, is why HCP’s free-flowing concrete solutions are so popular with our clients.

  • We can provide different size delivery lines, including 3 inch to 4 inch in diameter.
  • 4 inch delivery lines are used for large concrete paws, footings, large slabs or oversights.
  • 3 inch delivery lines are used in the most demanding of applications that are easy to handle even in the most precise applications of concrete placement. Ideally used for raised concrete paws, infills, cavity wall applications and free flowing screeds.

We cover many areas in the West Midlands including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Worcester, Hereford and Malvern. For information with regards to any of our services please contact us using the contact form, alternatively you can call us on 0121 695 9025.

Our service ensures:

  • We can virtually eliminate wastage and the use of excess concrete.
  • Save hours and costs of labour.
  • Leaves no mess behind.
  • Clean and quiet pumping process.
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Hours Hourly £ Total £
1st Hour 125.00 125.00
2nd Hour 75.00 200.00
3rd Hour 50.00 250.00
4th Hour 50.00 300.00
5th Hour 50.00 350.00
6th Hour 50.00 400.00
7th Hour 50.00 450.00

Overtime: £50.00 p/h after 7th hour

Special 1.5 hour service at £170.00 plus VAT (at Current Rate)

  • We place your concrete so you can level it.
  • 30 Linear meters of pumping line included in the rate.
  • Extra pipeline available available for just £2.00 per metre.
  • Pump over 100 meters horizontally.
  • No charge for the first 20 miles then - £2.00 per mile.
  • No extra charge for weekends.
  • All rates are subject to VAT.
  • Available 24/7.

Why use a wheelbarrow?
A pump will save you time and money.

Why waste time?
6 cubic meters can be laid in minutes.

High or low places?
Concrete pumped direct to wherever you need it.

The job is behind the building
We can pump around corners and 100 meters horizontally.

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